Interaction: How Do You Play with the World around You?

At the Geomic Code Research Institute, we are about helping people interact with the world around them by using what we call dynamic natural abilities (Geomic® D-N-A). We offer a simple on-line assessment that allows all of us to discover (or discover anew) these naturally occurring abilities.

You are probably wondering, “Why is this important for me to know?” Because taking a Geomic Assessment can reveal to you a rich source of previously untapped or underused strengths within yourself. If there’s anything we’ve learned at the Institute in the past few years since its founding, it’s that life is a journey most enjoyable when shared collaboratively with our fellow travelers.

I was thinking about this as I read Daniel Pink’s book, A Whole New Mind. His “six senses”, plus two of my own that I added, provide a handy framework for examining interaction with others, the Geomic way.

  1. Story – You can’t argue with a story, right? Stories are compelling narratives that encourage change – in ourselves and others. Telling stories helps us pass on our great oral traditions in fairy tales, fables, and epics from the Odyssey to “The Matrix”. Listen to others’ stories. Tell your own. Ask yourself, “How is my story like yours? Where can we connect?”
  2. Empathy – Sympathy is passive. Empathy compels action. Be in the shoes of another on the journey. Ask yourself, “Where is my attention right now? On me? On the other in front of me?” Learn to be present to other people – without judgment. Remember: People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
  3. Symphony – Sense the interconnectedness of all things. Conduct your life as a symphony that understands what Pink means by combining “disparate pieces into an arresting new whole”. Ask yourself, “Do I understand where my notes blend with others’?” Do you see the universe as a blessed complementarity?
  4. Play – If it’s not fun, why do it? Once and for all, can we finally get that play is purpose, and purpose is play? The flow that happens in human interaction teaches us stuff. Remember that book by Robert Fulghum, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten? It’s worth a re-read (or read for newcomers to Fulghum’s philosophy).
  5. Meaning – Without a “Why?” behind it, an individual life lacks meaning. When you discover your purpose, you feel compelled to share it with others. (See no. 4. Play above.) The purpose of life is happiness. More importantly, according to Thomas Jefferson, it is the “pursuit of happiness”. “Pursuit” implies “practice”.  Who better to practice happiness with than the others you are on this journey with? (See no. 4 Play above.)
  6. Design – Taking the Geomic Assessment allows you to see how your attraction to (or drawing back from) the shapes, symbols and colors in our world influences your choices at a fundamental (often unconscious) level. You know that old architectural principle (“form follows function”)? What if form drives how you function? What if you could bring your decision-making into the light of conscious choice?

And here are the two of my own to add to Pink’s six that I promised earlier in this article:

  1. Balance – When you live life on its fulcrum, you can see how all the choices, chances, and changes flow together. The dictionary tells us that balance is the state of having your weight spread equally so that you do not fall. In art, we refer to balance as an aesthetically pleasing integration of elements. What do you do to keep your balance in challenging times?
  2. HumorReaders’ Digest used to have a section called, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Google “laughter and health”, and you will see almost 33,000,000 results. Comedy Improv has a technique called “Yes, and”, which was the subject of another article on the Geomic Code website recently (The “Yes, and” Key to Personal Development). In life, as in the theatre, when one person accepts the premise of another person and then expands on it, both people learn something…and they have fun. (See no. 4 Play above.)

At the Geomic Code Research Institute, we can help you focus your attention on your unique set of individual and professional developmental opportunities in a way you may not have done before. Let us help you open the door to these resources you have within yourself. I invite you to take a Geomic Code Assessment and contact us so that we can show you how your Geomic D-N-A can help you better interact with the world around you.

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