The Role of Attention in Making Choices

The Geomic Code Discovery Series: How to Use Your Word Cloud

At the Geomic Code Research Institute, we work to understand and elucidate the concept of unconscious choice and the “filtering mechanisms hard-wired in the brain” as Jordana Cepelewicz describes them in her article, “Your Brain Chooses What to Let You See”. Jordana tells us that these mechanisms “allow us to focus our attention on stimuli of interest.”

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The Power of Asking (Ourselves) Questions

Many of us experience networking as an external event, an activity we participate in to help us find success in our chosen career. What if I told you that it is the internal actions that most influence our ability to create success? You would probably agree with that premise if I coupled it with this

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Motivation: Recognizing the Influences in Your Life

At the Geomic Code Research Institute, we study choice, especially the unconscious choices humans make. This series of articles has been looking at the 6 areas of decision-making influence that drive our choices: Intent, Situation, Values, Destiny, Purpose, and Motivation. The first article in this series was posted on the Geomic Code website in May 2020.

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