Understanding Intention in a Time of Pandemic

Power of Intention

In the article I wrote in May, we looked at purpose through the lens of what I call my digital (as in the five fingers) remembering tool. The remembering tool goes like this: 1) Thumb: What is this thing I want to know more about? 2) Index Finger: What does this thing do? 3) Middle Finger:

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The Power of “Now”

The Power of Now

At the Geomic Code Research Institute, we are drawn to affirmations that exercise our positivity muscle. We find that sayings that help us focus our attention on the present encourage us to be mindful of what is going on right here, right now – instead of moaning about the past or worrying about the future.

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Finding Purpose in a Time of Pandemic

In thinking about purpose, I find it holds special meaning during these uncertain times. My blog article posted on the Geomic Code website last month (“Two Ways to Approach the Unknown”) touched on that notion of uncertainty. In last month’s article I had this to say, “We can all draw inspiration for finding new life

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