Geomic Code: A system that identifies people's unconscious choices by assessing their preferences for fundamental shapes, symbols and colors.

Phil Canville discovered the Geomic Code in 1963. As a jeweler Phil wanted to see if a person’s preferences for one jewelry design over another was based on something deeper than choice of personal ornamentation. This took him on a relentless fifty-year journey of investigation and discovery of something more than a method for understanding women's preferences for jewelry design. His exhaustive work gave birth to the Geomic Code Research Institute, which has continued to develop this exciting new science that studies how individual preference influences our life choices.

The Institute was officially founded in 2017 and is dedicated to developing and refining the Geomic Code Assessment, as well as other educational tools. We are excited to have you join us in this ground breaking research that can unlock the mystery of your unconscious choices.

Unlock the Mysteries

This new book outlines the research behind the Geomic Code Assessment. It is now available by ordering through this website.

"What I had discovered was an inherent Geomic Code. The code for interacting with the world around us." - Phil Canville

Ever wonder why you make the choices you make? Phil Canville, the discoverer of the Geomic Code, focused 50 years of research on how personal preferences for shapes, symbols and colors can illuminate a new understanding of your unconscious choices.

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The Geomic Code Research Institute is offering the Geomic Code Assessment to an ever-growing audience. The assessment records your personal preferences for shapes, symbols and colors and uses this information to identify who you are at your core. It is a snapshot of your soul’s DNA, bringing to light a new understanding of your unconscious choices. When you take the Assessment on-line, you will receive a complimentary word cloud and a brief description of the results of your assessment. There is no fee for this service, and no credit card to enter. We only ask for your email address so we can register your results. Your information is always confidential.

Afterwards, you will also have the option of a complete in-depth reading.

Your Complete Reading Includes

A full written report of your results (also presented in person at the Institute or via telephone or WebEx if desired)

a) Your six preference areas and how each affects your unconscious choices, including:

  1. Intent: Identifying Your Passion
  2. Situation: Why You Chose Your Current Life Path
  3. Values: Your Core Foundation and Truths
  4. Destiny: The Form Your Life Will Take on Your Journey
  5. Purpose: How You Choose Your Future Path
  6. Motivation: Recognizing the Influences in Your Life

b) Questions to consider concerning your life path

c) Enumerated observations to help you review your decision-making process

Once your assessment has been reviewed, you have the option of coming into the Geomic Code Research Institute and receiving your results one-to-one with a trained reader, or having the results emailed or mailed via postal service.

How to Contact the Research Institute

Geomic Code Research Institute


1261 Locust Street, Suite 41
Walnut Creek, CA 94596