“…all humans share a code that hid for eons in plain sight.” – Phil Canville

Answers to Your Questions about Geomic Code

Q: How does taking a Geomic Test help me relate to other people in a way that works well for me and them?

A: When we designed the Geomic Test, what we were looking for was a snapshot of how you approach and interface with the world around you. Once we collect the 21 points of information, we’re then able to look at those in our dimensional application, which is our testing sheet, and determine by how your responses fall on that grid how you deal with various aspects of your life, most of the time, in an unconscious way.

When you understand the mystery of your unconscious choices through our testing protocol, you are better equipped to use the information to make decisions and deal with others. This, in turn, helps you connect with others on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Q: How about life decisions? Tell me more about “shape shifting” and how Geomic analysis can support my desire to change my course direction to help me live more successfully?

A: It is easy to see how Geomic Code and its connection to life decisions helps you understand how you approach the world and gain keen insights into how you make decisions that would affect your future life. To uncover those insights, you really need to understand at a base level what you select, the mystery of your unconscious choices. Why do you pick the things you pick? Why do you end up in the same situations over and over again? Part of that discovery comes from understanding how you deal with things on a level you’re unaware of. And that’s what the Geomic Code helps you see.

Once you get there, and you have that firm understanding, you’re then in a position to do what we refer to as “shape shifting”. In the Geomic Code several different shapes are strong indicators as to the type of individual you are – nurturing, emotional, and so forth. And from all the data, those shapes form a composite of your preferences, which, once we’ve finished the test, we compile into what we call your “soul form” – that being a snapshot in time at the moment you took the test and a visual representation of how your unconscious preferences are helping you deal with your world.

In order for you to bend enough to communicate with someone whose soul form is completely different from yours and who deals with the world in a completely different way, you need to understand how you can shape shift or move to a more neutral area between you and the other person’s area of understanding, which we might call his or her Geomic Sphere. When the two spheres intersect, we have a bridge. And once the bridge is connected, you have real communication.

And why would it be important for you to shape shift enough to understand more clearly where someone else is coming from? What that person is all about, what he or she is trying to communicate to you and how that might affect your life decisions? The answers to those questions might sound self-evident – of course, if you understand someone else more clearly, and you’re communicating with him or her and collecting information, you might have a better idea about how to make a more informed choice based on all the data you have at your fingertips.

What you are doing now is making decisions about your life based on just some of the data; you don’t know why you choose the things you do – until you take the Geomic Test and gain greater insight into the mystery of unconscious choice. So, what this test is really helping you do is gain a whole new data set, a whole new set of information that allows you, not only to better communicate with others and form bridges between you and them, but also, in return, once those bridges are formed, you gather even more data, and you are better off when it comes to making life decisions.

The more points of data you have, the clearer the picture becomes. Imagine a puzzle missing several pieces, and it’s laid out as a picture of something. If enough pieces are missing, the picture is not only unclear, but indecipherable. What Geomic Code helps you do is turn those puzzle pieces over and put them in the right places so that you can get a clear picture of what kind of life decisions you could make.

Q: This book provides intriguing ideas about how Phil’s Geomic Testing might help me navigate my life in a mindful way. I’d like to take a Geomic Test and have someone help me understand the results in relationship to living more mindfully. How do I do that?

A: There are two different ways to capture the information and take the Geomic Test and then interpret the data. One would be to come visit with us and take an in-person test privately and have it interpreted by one of our readers here in Walnut Creek, California. And the second would be to go to GeomicCode.com and take the test yourself in your own time.

We wanted to make this test available to anyone at any time so that you wouldn’t have to be inconvenienced by being required to take the test only in person at a particular time and then discuss the results with someone in real time.

So, what we did was to create an interactive site that could be accessed 24 hours a day at GeomicCode.com that would allow anyone to take the test and look at his or her own snapshot. And the site will generate fairly specific insights into your results and what they may mean for you and help you get a better handle on how you see the world and can deal with what, heretofore, had been unconscious choices for you.

We recognize that that is a step short of a really in-depth and specific analysis of your Geomic input. As a result, we also offer the ability to go to the next level and meet with one of our Readers over the phone or via our web chat function after the Reader has had the opportunity to further analyze your test results.

Q: If I were interested in becoming a Geomic Tester (Reader), how would I go about it?

A: If you wanted to become an authorized Geomic Test Reader, we have a whole program that you can sign up for and receive instruction on and a workbook for. And, after completing our specified program, you can become an authorized Geomic Reader.

We only allow authorized Readers to interpret results because this is such a new technology that for us to allow anyone to interpret the data without going through our program would be irresponsible of us and could result in misinterpretation of the data. The only way to ensure proper interpretation is to have your data reviewed by someone authorized to do so.

Anyone interested in becoming a Reader can go to GeomicCode.com and sign up for our program.

Randy Wight, President, Geomic Code, LLC
1701 N. California Boulevard, Suite 41
Walnut Creek, CA 94596