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  • I love this book! When I received a copy, it resonated something within my being that transcends words really, even before opening. The energy coming from it felt so good, so pure and deeply inviting. I’ve just begun reading. Another word that comes to mind is ‘smooth’? I don’t know why but it just feels like a smooth journey while absorbing the messages between the lines, as I call it. So grateful to Phil, Sharon, Randy, and all involved to bring this book about, and definately can feel the passion put into it. Thank you for the making contact my new found friends. 🙂

  • Heidi says:

    I delight in finding universal earth awareness and Truth (with a capital T) in working with the Geomic Code precepts and presentation. I feel distilling Phil Canville, Randy Wight and Sharon Stewart-Canville’s lifetimes of study into condensed text and pictures enriches the reader and encourages the release of both sensory and subliminal filters. In my experience, unlocking freedom of choice requires an uncompromising release of tribal and cultural prejudice from the inside out. Let the journey begin!

  • Gary C Smith says:

    This is a book that opens minds.
    The Geomic Code creates an investigation into the big questions of humanity—
    Who am I?
    Why are we here?
    What is our purpose?
    The Geomic Code opens doors into religion, science, metaphysics, quantum physics, ancient wisdom for new agers and old agers. If you see the movie The Matrix as more than a movie, as a vision of humanities unconsciousness, the Code will begin the journey to set yourself free from the matrix..
    The Geomic Code can add fuel to the greatest asset any explorer can have, Curiosity.
    Phil studied and researched the big questions with passion. I hope those who read the book will also do so with passion and continue to look into the wisdom of the ages; the new age discoveries and equally into what the as is, is in your life. Ask yourself why YOU are here. What is my purpose and then use the Code, extrapolate and look at those choices and metaphors to find your code to build your curiosity, your gratitude, and open the unconscious into greater clarity.
    Study this book, investigate using the Code often. The clues Phil left into areas of wisdom and the magic of being human will begin a journey that creates meaning beyond your wildest dreams
    Phil made wise choices teaching Sharon and Randy the code. They have done brilliant work bringing this beautiful book to the public. They made a wise choice using the publishing skills of Randall Klein.

  • I found the book to be very insightful. I think the applications are very diverse. I am excited to be a part of the process in getting out this information. Changing the way we look at self-defining, to a system based outside of social context, is an important step towards the healing of cultural rifts.

  • Christina says:

    I showed this to my grandfather and he was blown away!

  • Randall Klein says:

    It was the most illuminating book I have read. The idea of using shapes to discover more about yourself is brilliant! This is revolutionary.

  • admin says:

    I really thought the concept was thought provoking!